Wedding information

"With this ring, I thee Wed"...

All bookings for weddings at Our Lady, Help of Christians are taken on condition that both parties are free to marry in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Couples are also required to attend the marriage preparation day which is held on a Saturday in February or March.

Certificate from the Civil Registrar

One from each person's district. 

For Dacorum: Luton Register Office, 6 George Street West LutonLU1 2BJ.  Tel: (01582) 722603
Email Take your birth certificate with you. A fee is charged.

Baptism Certificate

Each Catholic needs a baptism certificate from the parish where she or he was baptised. This needs to be dated not more than six months before the date of the wedding. Usually it will be combined with another requirement, the Letter of Freedom which states that there is no entry relating to marriage in your baptism register. (But see below for more on Letter of Freedom.)

Non-Catholics require proof of baptism from the church where they were baptised. In their case a copy of the original certificate will suffice.

Letter from parents and affidavit to say that you have not been married before. An affidavit form is supplied. It simply states that you have not been married before and you sign in front of a commissioner of oaths, who is usually a solicitor.

The letter from parents takes the following form:

           We (Father's full name and Mother's full name) being the parents of (your full name) hereby certify and give witness that our son/daughter has never been married before, neither in a church service nor in a registry office, and further we know of no legal impediment why he/she should not be joined in matrimony to (partner's full name).

Letter of Freedom

If a Catholic has lived a long time in another parish, then that parish will also be asked to provide a Letter of Freedom. Write the parish priest there, asking for this and giving the dates and the address where you live or used to live. Enclose a s.a.e. Note: this is not required if you sign an affidavit. 


You can arrange for an organist or other musician to come from outside the parish if you wish, but all musical arrangements must be discussed with the parish priest first. If you wish to request one of the parish organists to play for you, or if you wish to hire musicians, it is up to you make the arrangements direct with them.  The name and telephone number of our organist is:                                                           

Margaret McGrogan  -    01582 728544


You can ask our own parish flower arrangers to provide arrangements, which they do to a high standard. Contact the Parish Office on 01582 723254 for more information. Any profits made from these go towards the costs of our Sunday flowers. Alternatively you can ask a flower shop to take on the job. Again it will be up to you to make the arrangments.