Divine Mercy Novena begins Good Friday - 10th April 2020


Due to the Coronavirus,

we will not be able to celebrate

this service in our parish.  

  Please start the Novena on Good

Friday 10th April (9 days)

and join us online on Sunday 19 April

EWTN Divine Mercy Service - 3pm 

  Walsingham Live Stream - 3pm



To fittingly observe the Feast of Mercy, each of us should :-

*   Start the Divine Mercy Novena on Good Friday (10th April 2020)

*   Sincerely repent of all our sins (go to Confession when we are next able to)

*   Place our complete trust in Jesus

*   Receive Spiritual Communion on the day of the Feast

*   Venerate the image of Divine Mercy

*   Be merciful to others through our actions, words and prayers


For more information about Divine Mercy including the Novena,

please click on the link to the website for EWTN 

Link - Divine Mercy Novena and Background Information



For the sung chaplet, click on the link to youtube or

watch the video below

Sung Divine Mercy Chaplet 


Vatican Grants Emergency Plenary Indulgence for

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Vatican Grants Emergency Plenary Indulgence

The Church is responding to the problems we all face as a result of this pandemic with great seriousness and generosity. The Holy Father is throwing wide open the doors of the Church's storehouses of grace for the faithful, making it as easy as possible for all of us to be assured of the graces we need to speed the sick and the dying through Purgatory, and to be assured of the graces needed for salvation at the moment of our deaths.

Spread the news of these special graces to every Catholic on the front lines of facing this disease that you know. Make sure they know how to make use of these graces.